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Helping You Solve Your IRS Tax Problems

With the many changes, choices, circumstances, and regulations regarding business and personal income taxes, it is no wonder that so many individuals have developed the tax problems that they are currently facing. But if they had acted accordingly, gained the proper knowledge, and listened to professional tax advice, many of these problems could have been avoided. In some instances, it may be too late for you to avoid these issues. However, there is still time to resolve them and relieve the financial stress that these problems are causing.

Need Help With An Offer In Compromise?

At Wheeler Tax Solutions, we view each individual’s circumstances honestly and objectively in order to assist them in identifying their best possible options and solutions. By providing you with the highest quality tax resolution services, we can ensure that you will not have to deal with any unwanted financial stress in the future.

There is a wide range of IRS tax problems that the professionals at Wheeler Tax Solutions specialize in and can assist you with, including:

  • Back taxes owed – from any prior tax years
  • Bankruptcy – filing your taxes after you have filed one of the bankruptcy chapters
  • Innocent spouse relief – relieves a spouse of the interest, penalties, and taxes from a joint return (includes equitable relief, innocent spouse relief, and separation of liabilities)
  • IRS audit representation – you are represented by an enrolled agent
  • IRS levies and IRS liens – legal seizures of property in order to satisfy a debt to the IRS and the demand for payment
  • IRS payment plan – installment agreements involving monthly payments to the IRS for those individuals who do not have the financial means to pay their tax debt off in a single payment
  • IRS seizures – results when a legal demand for payment has not been satisfied and a lien arises for the property and the rights to said property of the delinquent taxpayer
  • IRS wage garnishment – in order to collect a debt, the IRS can legally garnish your wages
  • Non-filed tax returns – you are liable for not having filed tax returns for at least 6 years, but there is no time limit from the due date of the return for assessing any financial penalties and collecting taxes
  • Offer in Compromise – allows you to settle your outstanding tax debt by paying an amount that is less than what was originally owed
  • Payroll tax problems – protect the future of your company by resolving payroll tax debt and unpaid employment taxes

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