Tax Planning & Preparation

Wheeler Tax Solutions Provides Tax Expertise for Tax Planning, Business, And Nonprofit

When you need your taxes taken care of, use a local company with over a decade of experience. Wheeler Tax Solutions provides you with the experience and expertise you need to handle tax requirements for any situation, no matter how unusual or complex.

At Wheeler Tax Solutions, we strive to provide you with the highest quality of customer service and care. We’ve worked hard everyday to understand the U.S. tax system so we can support you with the most informed, cost-effective options for your long-term financial goals.

Our tax planning and preparation services are intended to legally, safely, and effectively create advantageous tax situations for you — so you can focus your financial efforts on major purchases, investments, or retirement.

We have the knowledge and insight you need whether you’re planning taxes for an individual, your family, or your organization. We can advise you on the best ways to protect your money and ensure that your remain on the right side of the IRS.

We assist with all forms of savings, investments, budgeting, and cash flow management. Some of our most popular services include college savings plans, retirement savings, and estate planning. Our tax planning and preparation is truly comprehensive.

No matter what kind of entity your business is, it’s absolutely critical that every aspect of your business taxes be aligned with your fiscal strategy. Wheeler Tax Solutions can craft you a budget and tax strategy that will maximize your liquidity while meeting all state and federal obligations.

When it comes to ensuring the overall health of your business on the long term, financial strategy is a critical tool. Not only can we help you with tax planning, but we also provide advanced tools for making your enterprise more competitive in a challenging market.

Our business-focused specializations include insurance planning, minimization of tax liability, retirement planning, and succession planning — everything you need to give your business a firm foundation and a bright future.

When it comes to nonprofit organization taxes, charitable enterprises are faced with a number of very strict rules. Due diligence and proper recordkeeping are both absolutely critical for making sure that your nonprofit can stand up to any future audit of its tax-exempt status.

Because of the complexities of nonprofits — balancing donations, private funding, paid staff, and volunteers — very few companies are full prepared to engage with nonprofit organization taxes. Our expertise allows us to provide flawless budgeting, benefits, tax planning, accounting, grant compliance, and much more.