Tax Resolution Practices – Areas Of Specialization

The practice of tax resolution involves the resolution of tax collection issues and other complex tax matters. Whether those issues are business related or personal in nature, it is the areas of specialization that oftentimes separate one tax resolution firm from another. Wheeler Tax Solutions is committed to keeping our clients informed of ongoing changes in federal and state tax laws, important information regarding business and personal taxes, and tax planning strategies for families and individuals.

Our enrolled agents (EA’s) are empowered and federally authorized by the US Department of the Treasury to represent you before the IRS. In other words, they are the only individuals who are licensed to appear on your behalf. As tax experts, EA’s are the only practitioners that have unlimited representation rights, are licensed by the Federal Government, and specialize in taxation.

Our enrolled agent’s areas of specialization include:

  • Federal and state tax returns our EA’s can assist you with any forms needed to the filing of your federal and state tax returns including all IRS forms and publications.
  • Past due returns and returns from past years we can assist you with any tax returns that are past due along with any returns from prior years so that you can start living again without the financial stress that these issues may be causing.
  • Problems with the IRS if you need to resolve any problems you are having with the IRS, we are here to assist you. With the proper action, advice, knowledge, planning, and preparation.
  • Taxpayers living or working in other countries US residents living and working overseas are oftentimes concerned about their tax liability and double taxation. We can help you understand the applicable laws in this area and reduce your tax liabilities.

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