Tax Preparation & Planning

in Georgetown Texas

Finding Professional Tax Preparation And Planning In Georgetown, TX

It has oftentimes been said that things are bigger in Texas, but this doesn’t mean that you have to pay a bigger bill to the IRS. In fact, you may even be entitled to a “healthy” tax refund. But you may be unaware of this if you do not have a professional tax specialist preparing your taxes for you. Wheeler Tax Solutions is now serving the Georgetown, community and many of the surrounding areas in this portion of the Texas Hill Country.

Most individuals are familiar with tax preparation services or professionals who prepare and file yearly federal tax returns. No two families or individuals are ever alike and neither are their needs where tax preparation and planning are concerned. So it is always important that you select a professional tax solution specialist that is licensed and has a number of years of experience helping others in these areas. However, the challenge for most families and individuals is selecting the right one from the hundreds that are available.

In order to find the right tax preparation and planning service, it is important to determine your specific needs. Accuracy and professionalism should be your first concern when searching for the right tax specialist. At Wheeler Tax Solutions, many of our staff members are EA’s or enrolled agents that are empowered by the Department of the Treasury and federally licensed to represent tax preparers before the IRS if necessary. These individuals are highly trained at lowering your taxes and understand the complex US tax codes.

Our firm is firmly rooted here in the Georgetown community and dedicated to serving our clients by providing them with highest quality tax preparation and planning services possible. We know that every person’s financial situation is unique and so are their needs when it comes to preparing their federal tax return and planning for the future. We know that quality client service involves more than delivering accounting documents to you and preparing your tax return once a year.

This is why we review your financial data on a regular basis throughout the year and assist you in planning a sound tax strategy. We take a proactive approach to your tax preparation and planning needs in order to anticipate any financial issues that may arise. Our goal is to mitigate your tax liability so you can make better financial decisions in the future and achieve the best possible outcome when filing your annual tax returns.